Finding a therapist who is a good fit for you is the first step in your desire to make changes. Whether you have experience working with a counselor or this is your first experience, I will create a space for you to feel calm and safe. In addition to traditional talk therapy, I incorporate skill building into our work together depending on what you need that session. I also enjoy incorporating a variety of media such as art, phototherapy cards and EMDR into sessions.

Anxiety is one of the main symptoms I address. Whether it be long-term generalized anxiety or social anxieties we will get to the root of where the negative cognition began and how we can slow the mind to ease the discomfort of the condition.

I also work with relationships whether it be obstacles within your current relationship or providing support during a breakup. Having an additional avenue of support can be critical during this time. I provide a non-judgmental and accepting view while providing feedback which allows you to create new meaning to what you are going through.