Extreme Hardship.

Extreme hardship letters are for a U.S. citizen or residents with a foreign national spouse, child or parent who faces the possibility of being removed/deported from the U.S.  An extreme hardship petition/waiver requires evidence stating the U.S. citizen/resident proving the U.S. citizen or resident would suffer extreme hardship if their relative were to be deported from the U.S. 

The clinician will 1) assess the emotional and psychological impact that family separation will have on the U.S. citizen/resident, 2) evaluate whether the U.S. citizen/resident would experience psychological hardship if they were left alone in the U.S. without their relative or if they were forced to relocate to the home country of their relative, and 3) we will document in a report the numerous hardship factors that have impacted the mental health of the U.S. citizen/resident (e.g. financial, political, social, professional, etc). 


These evaluations are for victims of crimes that occurred in the United States (i.e. torture, kidnapping, rape, etc.) The government expects visa applicants to provide evidence that they suffered "substantial" harm as a result of the crime.  Because of the traumatic circumstances experienced, my experience as a trauma therapist is applied.  The work will begin with making you feel comfortable and gentle.  After trust is built, we will assess and document the psychological trauma suffered as a result of having been a victim of a serious crime. We will include in the evaluation how the harm you have faced has affected your life. 


These evaluations are for victims of domestic abuse who are seeking to establish the presence of domestic abuse in order to file for legal status.  During our time together, we will evaluate the psychological impact of the abuse. The abuse may have been physical, verbal or psychological. I will ensure that you understand the purpose of the evaluation and will work to help you feel supported throughout our time together.