Premarital Counseling

I am a Certified FOCCUS© Facilitator for pre-marital counseling and marriage enrichment.  FOCCUS© is an inventory assessment use by couples prior to marriage with REFOCCUS© Marriage Enrichment Inventory for couples after marriage.   To find out more about both inventories you may go to the website directly:

FOCCUS Brochure

Couples Counseling after Marriage

Relationships are a source of the greatest joy in life as well as most intense emotional pain. Romantic relationships present potential for the deepest connection, attachment, feelings of love and being loved. However, when relationships change over time, they can sour and become a source of deep hurt and resentment. That's when couples therapy is a great option.

If you are experiencing the same arguments and same cycle of conflict, escalating and leading to longer periods of anger and general disconnection, it is time to realize that you need professional help.

It can get better.