Careers and counseling can go hand-in-hand.  The stresses of life can spill over into the workplace and impact that environment as well.  Working through both issues with a mental health counselor can help identify where the stress is coming from.

From the perspective of the employer: Times are difficult. Employees are stressed. They would like to get assistance for work-related and personal challenges but can’t find the time to go to a counselor’s office. How do you make it easier for them to get the help they need?

A growing number of companies have began to offer on-site healthcare for its employees.  “Work Well” is a program where companies can hire a counselor to be on-site during work hours.  

Preventative wellness services benefit both employee and employer.  On-site counseling is a convenient perk for busy employees and can help maintain employee productivity by reducing absences. In competitive industries such benefits can help retain employees and attract new ones.

"Work Well" Brochure